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Please fill out the form to become a Fishing For Jesus volunteer.

We rely on the help of volunteers to accomplish the work that Jesus commissioned for us to accomplish.  It’s incredible for our team to work hand-in-hand with other caring individuals throughout the year.  Our various volunteer opportunities offer fun and unique ways for individuals and groups to contribute their time, talents and resources for good cause.

We are also looking for “Anchor Fishers”  (Team Leaders). Please let us know in your message if you’d like to be an Anchor.

​Our Anchor Fishers will engage energetic and committed community volunteers in the mission and work for various Fishing For Jesus projects and programs.

​Each individual volunteer must register on their own.  This allows us to keep accurate track of hours per volunteer.

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  • Age Restrictions

    Volunteers have to be at least 5-12 years old with a chaperone who is 18 years or older in order to help out in our facility.  13-18 years old can help without a chaperone.

  • Attire

    Closed toe shoes are REQUIRED to help out in our facility.  Please wear appropriate and comfortable attire.  No see through or revealing outfits please.  We reserve the right to ask anyone with inappropriate attire to leave our facilities.